Welcome to Modern Ready Meals Service.

Chilled ready meals are a huge, growing market. With Top meals you can offer high-quality nutritious and tasty meals with less staff, less kitchen space and less food waste.

Our method allows you to have a variety of different delicious recipes when and where it is needed.

Thanks to Top meals extended shelf life and an easily adjustable production process, you can efficiently pre-prepare a range of specific diet meals (allergies, vegetarian, religious, special medical conditions, etc…).

Heat and serve at your convenience. The end consumers can enjoy a wide variety of high-quality meals, all with high food safety standards thanks to vacuum food packing.

Top meals is perfect for restaurants, shipping lines, schools, hotels, universities, retirement homes, hotels, gyms and other businesses.

Advantages & Benefits

– No added preservatives
– Natural Vacuum
– Ready to heat and eat
– Flavour & nutrition sealed
– Build inventory
– Less waste
– Reduce cost of labor