Please read our FAQ. If you still have a question please contact us.

Why should I buy Top Meals?
Top meals Inc uses an innovative cooking technology that offers high-quality, nutritious, delicious and safe ready meals. Our recipes are prepared with carefully selected ingredients, keeping the taste, texture and nutrition with no added preservatives.
Is the plastic tray BPA free and safe to use in the microwave?
YES, our trays are free of Bisphenol A and safe to use in the microwave and with no risk for leakage.
Is the plastic tray oven safe?
NO, our trays are not oven or stove-top safe. If you don’t want to use the microwave you need to transfer the meal to an oven-safe container or a pan to heat it up.
Is it necessary to pierce or lift the film before heating?
NO, you just need to put the tray in the microwave without piercing or lifting the film for 4 to 5 minutes and wait for the whistling sound of Top meals. If you hear the whistle before the set time, your product is ready.
I don't have a Microwave. What should I do?
If you don't have or don't like microwaves, Not a problem!. Just boil a pot of water and put the tray as is inside for 10 minutes at the boiling point. The tray is sealed, so it will not fill the food with water. Pull it out of the hot water carefully, remove the film, stir and enjoy your meal.
Can I freeze the meals?
YES, you can freeze the meals if you can’t eat them by the best before date.
How do I know what is inside the tray?
All labels have list of ingredients and nutritional facts.
Do you have Halal meals?
YES. Our Halal line is on the website. We are a Certified Halal and Certified Zabiha Halal from the ISNA Canada Certification Services.
Where do you ship to?
We ship across  Ontario. Your shipping cost is based on the Postal Code.  We have free delivery in GTA for orders over $400.00. Pick up at factory is free.
Can I order Online?
YES, We do sell via internet. All our meals are $8.99 for Non-Halal and $9.49 for Halal plus taxes plus shipping. We accept all major credit cards, debit and e-transfers. No subscriptions or memberships required. If you are interested to buy for your retail store, send us an email to and we can discuss the project with you
What are the delivery charges?
  • Your shipping cost is based on the Postal Code
  • Minimum order via internet $100.00 before taxes.
  • Minimum order for wholesale and retailers:  60 trays.
  • For orders over $400.00 in the GTA we offer free delivery.
  • Orders can be assorted.