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Tasty  Microwave Ready Meals

Top Meals uses a patented innovative in-pack  safe microwave-cooking technology that preserves taste and nutrition with no added preservatives.

A unique packaging concept for chilled ready meals that provide an extended shelf life.

The Sound of Top Meals

No more “hot on the surface and still cold in the middle”.
Top Meals uses a worldwide-patented valve that allows the consumer to evenly heat their meal in the microwave without piercing or lifting the film. After a few minutes they will hear the whistling sound of Top Meals.
The signal that their meal is hot
all the way through and ready to eat.

Naturally Delicious Benefits

  • Gourmet recipes with carefully selected ingredients
  • No added preservatives
  • In-pack cooked  meals conserving the flavours and preserving the nutrients
  • High food safety standards
  • Ready to heat and eat
  • All our meals are $8.99 (Non Halal) and $9.49 (Halal) plus shipping.

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